Big Blue City - Drawing Mannequin - FOR ILLUSTRATORS & ARTISTS (Gun & Katana)

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Drawing Mannequin - FOR ILLUSTRATORS & ARTISTS (Katana & Gun)


An ultimate tool for artists who deal with human postures and figures:

  • Sketch artists
  • Comic/Manga artists
  • Painters
  • Story-boarders
  • Sculpturists
Every creative person wants to bring their great ideas to life in a simple, fun way.
But the main challenge comes when you actively want to showcase people in various poses. You will rarely find a model willing to sit in front of you, immobile, for hours and hours.

That's why it makes much sense to buy the best figure drawing reference out there, and we are here to help.
Over 30 articulated joints make it even easier to recreate a desired pose or action. No other figurine can make so many poses!
The Drawing Mannequins are incredibly articulated and mimic human gestures to perfection. Thanks to these models, you'll have an infinite amount of references right at your fingertips.
If you're into drawing and illustration, these will be a massive help for you, especially when you're trying to draw more complex poses that are harder to draw from imagination.
Once you start using a drawing figure, your drawings will come to life. They will have a lot more accuracy and attention to detail, which you need when you want to create something amazing. Perfect for a variety of creative projects.
Highly realistic, articulated figures created with the artist in mind.
Realistic proportions, ideal for drawing characters and people.
Make the figurine do any pose you imagine! Instantly create poses for any drawing.
Each figure comes with an extensive set of hands, weapons, gadgets and holding stand to customize the poses. Perfect for any action sequences!
Draw any possible character pose, from any possible angle!
Whether you want these for animation, photography, or drawing, these models are extraordinary. They are very versatile, and you can create some stunning pictures and drawings every time. Since every purchase has its own set of extra hands, you can easily adjust the model to suit your needs.
Perfect Your Shading. Use a real light source to see how the angle of shadows and highlights change as you move the light, allowing you to create even more realistic drawings and master shading faster.
You will like our drawing dolls poses because they can suit all kinds of creative projects. They are perfect for drawing and illustrations, but you can also use them as practice dummies for a short film, stop motion animation, etc.
Since these are very articulate and stable, you can easily pick the right posture, and the figure drawing reference will sit like that for as much time as you need it. It's certainly helpful to have figure drawing models, as they are a pleasure to use, and you will enjoy the experience a lot more than you might imagine.
Another thing to note is that each mannequin for drawing is heavily detailed, featuring various accessories that come with them. It looks stunning, and it delivers the results you need in a rather impressive package every time.
Our primary focus is to bring you high quality, dependable figure drawing reference models that you can rely on. They are very reliable, and you can easily use them as the backbone of your sketches very fast.
Since these products are stand in place for hours and hours, you will be very impressed with their quality and versatility. You rarely get so much value for money, so we recommend you to give them a try.
One of the top advantages of these models is the fact that they are very affordable. You can't find a drawing model of this quality at such a low price anywhere.
Don't hesitate and give it a try if you are very passionate about your work, and you want to buy a fantastic accessory for your creative work! It comes with a very accessible, time-limited price, so avail the opportunity and get yours today!
Size: Figures measure approx 13-15 cm (5.5 inches) tall 
Material: PVC, & come with a set of interchangeable hands, weapons, and gadget accessories. 

1st / 2nd Generation 3rd Generation
  • Samurai Sword
  • Gun
  • Laptop
  • Cellphone
  • 17 Hand Gestures
  • Long-Sword
  • Shield
  • Tea-cup and Saucer
  • Mug
  • 23 Hand Gestures
  • Improved Articulation
  • Can cross arms
  • Can Kneel

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Can the new generation hold a samurai sword (Katana) or a gun?
Their hands are interchangeable, meaning that you can plug in the new version's hands to the old and vice versa. Want the new one to hold a gun? Plug-in the old one's "gun-holding" hand to the new one.

A lot of our customers buy these figures for their photography and films projects. We've had all sorts of photographers contact us, ranging from professional Wedding photographers to more casual hobbyists looking for fun and exciting new ideas.

These figures are also great for stop-motion photography and animation design.
Below is a sample of fun pictures that our customers sent us on Facebook: