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Drawing Reference Figure Body Kun and Body Chan - The best Drawing Mannequin online


Body Chan and Body Kun: The drawing male and female mannequin are here!

Stop using your wooden art mannequin and get the ultimate tool for artists who deal with human postures and figures: Learn art anatomy fast!
drawing mannequin online
Ideal For:
  • Sketch artists
  • Comic/Manga artists
  • Painters
  • Story-boarders
  • Sculpturists 
Take a photo of the Pose Reference Figure with any pose, from any perspective.
pose reference figure
Edit the photo of the sketch figure model and use it as a reference to draw any character! 
wooden art mannequin
Get the correct proportions from the correct perspectives!
art anatomy
Use your imagination to create any pose!
drawing reference figure
Over 30 articulated joints make it even easier to recreate a desired pose or action. No other Drawing Figure can make so many poses!
body chan
Highly realistic, articulated Drawing Figure created with the artist in mind. Realistic proportions, ideal for drawing characters and people.
sketch figure model
Each figure comes with an extensive set of hands, weapons, cups, and holding stand to customize the poses.
female mannequin
Featuring a long-sword a shield, this Drawing Figure can perform any poses worthy of a true warrior!
art mannequin
Comes with a holding stand that can suspend the Drawing Figure in the air. Perfect for any aerial action sequences!
drawing mannequin
With improvements in articulation,Body Kun and Body Chan can perform more moves than its previous model. Joints have been redesigned, especially in the feet and toes.
Each Drawing Figure comes with 23 hands gestures. They also feature sets that make them capable of crossing their arms!
Each Drawing Figure also has a set of legs, which makes them capable of kneeling all the way!
Make the Drawing Figure do any pose you imagine! Instantly create any possible character pose, from any possible angle!
Also available in pale color. They are identical to their grey counterparts.

  • 1 Male / Female Drawing Reference Figure - approx 13-15 cm (5.5 inches) tall 
  • 23 interchangeablehand gestures
  • Sets for cross-arm and kneeling postilions
  • Long-sword and Shield. 3 different shield handles. (for holding with hand or arm mounting)
  • A mug, cup, tea-cup, saucerand popsicle accessories 
  • 1 Holding Stand - (For aerial shots) with 4 table legs
  • Instruction Manual & Box

1st / 2nd Generation 3rd Generation
  • Samurai Sword
  • Gun
  • Laptop
  • Cellphone
  • 17 Hand Gestures
  • Long-Sword
  • Shield
  • Tea-cup and Saucer
  • Mug
  • 23 Hand Gestures
  • Improved Articulation
  • Can cross arms
  • Can kneel - all the way

A lot of our customers buy these figures for their photography and film projects. We've had all sorts of photographers contact us, ranging from professional Wedding photographers to more casual hobbyists looking for fun and exciting new ideas.

These figures are also great for stop-motion photography and animation design.
Below is a sample of fun pictures that our customers sent us on Facebook:

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